photo 2

This was a fun technique using a credit card to make the squiggly shapes.  These are the same colors that I used in “Out of the Mist” which I love and is hanging over the fireplace.  Hmm…maybe put the two together….


Puppy in the house





Have a new puppy and after being up all week at all hours of the night and picking up after puppy accidents, I was inspired with those colors this morning (while it was still dark out).  As the sun came up and my mood shifted, I did another painting that was happier and brighter.  I went back to the puppy painting and decided to add the red which I love.  Both still unnamed although the second one reminds me of poppies.  Pic came out blurry – it looked better on my phone!

Back in the Studio…Finally

Finally settled into the new job and home. Got the studio set up yesterday and needed to paint SOMETHING this morning! It’s not one of my best and I may paint over it but it got me going again. It was wonderful seeing all my paintings again. Smelling the acrylic and matte medium. Mixing up my colors and feeling excited, confident and hesitant all at the same time. So happy to be back at it! I also joined Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Klas which I’m super excited about!


“Irises” Acrylic on Canvas

I started this painting with something totally different in mind (as usual!). I hadn’t done much with greens so I wanted to start with that as a background and also wanted to use that delicious Dianthiumum purple paint that I love! I used a ‘straw method’ to create the petals. I plopped some purple all over the painting and then started blowing through a straw to see the effect. I started making beautiful petals and guess where this picture was going….I added some white to lighten the purple to get a different shade to start contrasting the purple. I also had some left over pale green paint that I splashed on a couple of areas and then on the petals to lighten up.

This probably has too much realism in it for abstract but that’s one of the struggles that I have with abstract. I tend to ‘find’ something in my paintings and then pursue it. Is that wrong? Not sure….




As I take a look around at other artists work, it is a bit humbling to say the least! I’m feeling, ‘how dare I’ think that my paintings are good enough? Many of these artists have studied art, are having gallery openings and selling their paintings! Yikes!

But to my surprise this morning, I had a bunch of people “like” my paintings! And not just my husband and family! 🙂 What a great feeling that was and all I can say is Thank You! It gives me the encouragement to go on and continue to practice and get better!

I love the fact that within just a few weeks, I have formed such a different appreciation for Abstract Art. Everyone’s interpretation is different and unique which makes it special.

For all you beginners out there, keep trying and practice, practice, practice!

Enjoy the day!