“In the Grass” acrylic on canvas 22X30

In the grass Another experiment!  A couple of layers of paint and then at the end decided to use my fingers to finish it off.  There is an animal (deer or antelope) hiding in there but tough to see with the picture.   Starting to feel the ‘muse’ again!  I’d love to be back up on the coast of Maine again but alas that’s not for a few more years!  Until then, my imagination and creativity continues to drive me 🙂


“Summer Abundance” Acrylic on Canvas 22×28


I received some new paint colors and mediums yesterday and had to paint something. Used Cadmium Orange Pure and Portrait Pink mixed with a bit of gloss medium as the background. Then worked in the pure orange and cadmium yellow. I used some twine rope that wrapped our christmas tree and dipped that in Medium Magenta for a cool effect. Titanium white for the outline.