“Irises” Acrylic on Canvas

I started this painting with something totally different in mind (as usual!). I hadn’t done much with greens so I wanted to start with that as a background and also wanted to use that delicious Dianthiumum purple paint that I love! I used a ‘straw method’ to create the petals. I plopped some purple all over the painting and then started blowing through a straw to see the effect. I started making beautiful petals and guess where this picture was going….I added some white to lighten the purple to get a different shade to start contrasting the purple. I also had some left over pale green paint that I splashed on a couple of areas and then on the petals to lighten up.

This¬†probably has too much realism in it for abstract but that’s one of the struggles that I have with abstract. I tend to ‘find’ something in my paintings and then pursue it. Is that wrong? Not sure….




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