As I take a look around at other artists work, it is a bit humbling to say the least! I’m feeling, ‘how dare I’ think that my paintings are good enough? Many of these artists have studied art, are having gallery openings and selling their paintings! Yikes!

But to my surprise this morning, I had a bunch of people “like” my paintings! And not just my husband and family! 🙂 What a great feeling that was and all I can say is Thank You! It gives me the encouragement to go on and continue to practice and get better!

I love the fact that within just a few weeks, I have formed such a different appreciation for Abstract Art. Everyone’s interpretation is different and unique which makes it special.

For all you beginners out there, keep trying and practice, practice, practice!

Enjoy the day!


4 thoughts on “Humbling

  1. we all have to start somewhere Sandra and you’ve made a good start! Keep it up, it’s only through hard work and persistence that you’ll become the artist you want to be. Plenty of artists (including myself) didn’t go to art school and while that can make the going a bit tougher, don’t let it put you off. I’ve been exhibiting and selling for a few years now, but I’m still learning and that’s part of the joy of being an artist. I still look back at some of my earliest work and cringe! The main thing is to keep painting!


    • Thank you Mari! (My middle name is Marie 🙂 I have been receiving wonderful support and agree with you that I’ll just keep practicing and be persistent!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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